About Goldstone Financial

At Goldstone Financial Group, we believe that your financial future is far too important to leave to chance. We view it as our responsibility to thoroughly understand your goals and dreams so that we can leverage our experience and expertise to help you realize them. Rather than approach your finances with an outdated, transactional approach focused on particular products, we serve as your comprehensive financial goldstone-financialsolutions provider, forging a deeper relationship and creating a plan that can be adjusted as needed to help you reach your unique personal goals.

Due to the ever changing market environment, it’s imperative to have your portfolio actively monitored. Buy and Hold strategies were developed over 60 years ago and are no longer relevant in volatile markets. Anthony and Michael Pellegrino believe that by utilizing a systematic rules-based approach and hedged equity strategies we maximize returns and losses in all market environments.

At Goldstone Financial Group, we are also ready to help you plan your retirement. Retirement income plans are not just for the wealthy. As you near retirement, the traditional strategy has been to move growth-seeking products to more conservative fixed-income products. This may have worked fine back when retirement was only expected to last five to ten years.

These days, however, people are living longer. It’s not unusual for someone retiring at age 65 to live to age 90 or longer. You should consider that you may need to plan for your nest egg to potentially last 25 to 30 years.